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Top Wii Games is your number on stop for all the latest Nintendo Wii console games. Keep up to date on the hottest games by viewing the Top Wii Games Chart list which records the best selling Wii games on the planet.

Our Wii game reviews are all impartial and we encourage YOU to write your own comments and reviews to appear along side ours here on Top Wii Games.

Rating System
Our Wii game ratings are based on a 5 star system with 5 being the highest and, of course, 1 being the lowest. The ratings have all been made by users of this site and are the impartial views of the Wii gaming community.

5 Star Wii Games

We have taken the result of these votes and re-calculated them in to a percentage rating for each game.

  • 90%-100% – A god of a Wii game. Buy it now. Right now.
  • 80%-90% – A great game and worth every penny.
  • 70%-80% – A good game. Would suit you if your a fan of the genre.
  • 60% -70% – Just above average. There are better games out there.
  • 50%-60% – Meh.
  • 30%-50% – No thanks.
  • 10%-30% – Quite simply it’s rubbish. Steer well clear.
  • 0%-10% – Total crap. All copies of this game should be burned.

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