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Wii Balance Board Games

The Wii Balance Board games list is compiled from the votes cast on Top Wii Games. Have your say and vote for the best balance board game for the Wii by clicking on each game below and casting your vote via our 5 star Nintendo games voting system.


Wii Fit with Wii Balance Board

The pure genius of the Wii is showcased perfectly by Wii Fit. Rollocking fun for all the family and it might help you lose weight too!...

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Wii Fit Plus

The first Wii Fit was a revelation selling countless copies around the globe. Wii Fit Plus builds on the exercise/sports format to produce your favourite Wii game of all time!...

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Family Ski

Enjoyable skiing game that the whole family can do together. Also works those lazy muscles if used with the Wii Fit board. ...

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EA Sports Active

If you're serious about using the Wii to lose weight then EA Sports Active can help you. Stick to the training regime and this Wii game will make you fit. Well done EA, using the Wii for positive physical fitness gaming....

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EA Sports Active 2

Serious fitness fans will welcome this new addition from EA as it has some welcome new excersises. It's also highly suitable for those looking to start a fitness regime for the first time....

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Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip

Shaun White's is the perfect addition to those looking to get the most out of their Wii Balance Board. If you are new to these sort of skate, ski or surf games then this game is for you....

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Skate It

When used with the Wii Fit Balance Board this game is really enjoyable. Without it's just another skating game that will amuse most skate fans but will bore most gamers after a few hours. ...

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You too can vote for the best Wii balance board games on this site. Simply click on the game links above and cast your vote. Leave a comment if you want to add a game review to help others choose a Wii balance board game.

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