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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

February 18th, 2011 by Wii Game Reviews

In Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction, the only videogame based on the newest season of the immensly popular Ben 10 television series, players will take control of Ben Tennyson and up to 17 alien forms as they journey to iconic worldwide locales, including Paris, Tokyo, China and Rome, in search of an ancient alien artifact that will help save humanity from a mysterious cosmic storm.

Players will wield the power of the all-new Ultimatrix, an upgraded alien watch that transforms Ben into the most powerful, hyper-evolved alien forms ever available in the series. All new ultimate events will empower players to defeat bosses through stylised cut-scenes and hard-hitting combat interactions, and the upgrade system will allow players to enhance their favourite alien characters’ strength, speed, defense, and special attacks.

Completely authentic to Cartoon Network’s original television series using voice actors, sounds, and an original storyline, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction offers fast-paced, action adventure gameplay packed with puzzles and challenges that will engage players for hours.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Features:

  • Play as Ben and 16 of his alien forms including many of the new aliens from the ULTIMATE ALIEN TV series, the most number of playable characters in a Ben 10 video game.
  • All-new Ultimatrix to unlock a more powerful “Ultimate” version of established aliens from ALIEN FORCE
  • Quickly switch from one alien to another without leaving the action and perform devastating combos.
  • New storyline set in the ULTIMATE ALIEN universe by the original writers of the show.
  • Completely authentic to the TV series using voice actors, sounds, and locations from the new ULTIMATE ALIEN series.
  • 8 Levels of memorable real life locales including Paris, Tokyo, China, and Rome.
  • Upgrade System that allows players to enhance their favorite aliens attributes
  • Stylized Cinematics for going Ultimate, Boss Battles, and heroic rescues.
  • Face off against familiar foes from the ALIEN FORCE series including Vreedle Bros, Enoch, Sunder, Seven Seven, Zombozo, and Psyphon.
  • Play as Four-Arms (PS3 version) or Rath (X360 version), two exclusive aliens that can only be found on these platforms.

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Rating 3.71 out of 5

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