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Kirby’s Epic Yarn

February 2nd, 2011 by Wii Game Reviews

This time Kirby and his world take on a new form, becoming completely sewn together out of yarn, buttons and good old patchwork quilts. Why you ask? Because the mischievous wizard Yin-Yarn has sucked Kirby into a magical sock, gateway to a land made of textiles.

Whilst exploring this new land, Kirby must, pull on buttons, unzip pieces of the world and defeat old enemies to bring together 7 magical pieces of yarn to stitch the world back together.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn Features:

  • The look of the world is stunning, but it’s also interactive. Pulling on stray threads might reveal hidden areas. When Kirby literally goes behind the scenes, the virtual fabric warps and bends to show his location.
  • Thanks to his versatile yarn composition, Kirby can take on a variety of forms both in his common actions and when he transforms into powerful vehicles. When Kirby dashes, he zips around as a car. In water, he turns into a submarine. At times he can even transform into a massive robotic tank, a UFO and other vehicles.
  • Two players can play through the entire game together.
  • Gems and collectible items are scattered throughout the environments for players to find.

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Rating 3.44 out of 5

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