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Samba de Amigo

September 29th, 2008 by Wii Game Reviews

Samba De Amigo shakes its way onto the Wii with Samba-infused music and user friendly controls. Playing as the grinning, sombrero-topped monkey, Amigo, players shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk -like maracas in time with visual cues of the music on-screen.

The perfect party game, Samba de Amigo is packed with lively stages and a host of colourful characters and is easy to pick up and play yet challenging for those who want to become a maraca master.

This vibrant and addictive party experience features a Samba-flavoured soundtrack comprised of popular new songs, as well as returning fan-favourites from the original rhythm music classic. Have fun watching or playing.

Samba de Amigo Features

  • The gang’s all here: Enjoy cameos from a range of Sega characters and games, including Sonic the Hedgehog and Ulala from Space Channel 5.
  • Samba de Mii: Have your Miis join the party and dance away in the background–the better you do the more animated they become.
  • Mambo on demand: If you get tired of the 44 different songs on the game’s disc, there will be a regular series of extra downloadble tracks–a first for the Wii.
  • Maracas hero: For the authentic maracas-shaking experience, the deluxe version of Samba de Amigo comes with special maraca-shaped attachments for your remotes.

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Rating 3.33 out of 5

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