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Topspin 3

June 16th, 2008 by Wii Game Reviews

Topspin 3 for Nintendo Wii

The all-star player lineup for Top Spin 3, the industry’s most realistic and action-packed tennis video game experience, features today’s biggest tennis sensations, including Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova, as well as classic players like Boris Becker, Bjorn Borg and Monica Seles, three of the sport’s legends. Top Spin 3 marks the first time these iconic pros have appeared in a next-generation video game.

Created by PAM Development, a 2K studio, Top Spin 3 will bring arcadey tennis action to Xbox 360 PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS.

Top Spin 3 also offers authentic gameplay and features, including signature player animations and expressions, weather changes and situation-specific behaviors, along with revamped audio with enhanced crowd reaction.

Tennis fans will have the opportunity in Top Spin 3 to play on more than 40 prestigious and visually stunning venues from around the world such as Roland Garros in Paris (French Open) and Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne (Australian Open). Adding to the immersive gameplay experience, Top spin 3 players can utilise a new and innovative Player Creator to customise their own unique tennis stars with free-form body sculpting, makeup and tattoos. Competitive Top Spin 3 players will also be able to create matches online and test their skills against friends or other ranked Top Spin 3 players around the world.

Topspin 3 features

  • Outstanding new gameplay style with incredibly precise control over your movements, positioning and pace. Players will feel every adrenline fueled shot as they battle their way to supremacy
  • Updated and intracately detailed animation of player features, ball movement and crowd reactivity make this game visually more realistic than ever before
  • Easy to grasp ‘pick and play’ mode for beginnners where you set the pace and learn to master the shots
  • Expansive online mode for both PS3 and 360 play a range of different game modes
  • New and original Evolutionary Visuals – watch your players get hot, sweaty, tired and dirtier the longer they play. Watch the venue weather change from clear sunny skies to cloudy
  • Incredibly realistic venues – play at over 46 worldwide tennis venues

Buy Topspin 3

Rating 3.00 out of 5

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