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The Wii party games list is compiled from the votes cast on Top Wii Games. Have your say and vote for the best Wii party game by clicking on each game below and casting your vote via our 5 star Nintendo games voting system.


Just Dance

This stype of game is perfect for the Wii and ideal for getting even the worst party swinging to the music. An absolute laugh a minute game. ...

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Just Dance 2

Just Dance 2 has an all new track list including many legendary hits and a wide selection of musical genres. Basically something for everyone and a fantastic party game....

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Mario Party 8

Mario Party 8 has an interesting mix of games wrapped up in the shiny world of Nintendo. The bright lights are perfect for kids but can be too sickly sweet for the hardcore gamer....

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Michael Jackson: The Experience

Dance and sing your way through Jacko's greatest hits in this lovingly crafted tribute to the king of pop. Jackson fans will be giddy with joy and it's great fun even if you don't know his songs. Worth every penny!...

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WarioWare: Smooth Moves

The WarioWare team took an idea so wacky, it could only be made with the latest technology ... the Wii Remote. Wario and his pals learn fun, wacky mov...

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Wii Party

Following on in the same fashion as Wii Sports, Wii Fit and Wii Music, is the upcoming Wii Party. From what we've played it seems good fun, but as with all these Nintendo's own games, will the fun last?...

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Family Trainer: Outdoor Challenge

This Wii game comes with a touch sensitive mat that allows Wii players to do a number of physical activities. Good for those with young kids as it is both mentally and physically stimulating....

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Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

The mischievous bunnies are back in a hilarious sequel that is guaranteed to be even crazier and funnier than the first Wii outing and with even more wacky games!...

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Wii Play with Wii Remote

It's no good to play unless you're having fun! That's why Wii Play from Nintendo makes sure that this collection of mini games is fun for the whole family....

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Carnival Fun Fair Games

The Wii is not really for hard core gamers to get their kicks. The Wii is made for fun games just like this. Family friendly and entertaining....

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You too can vote for the best Wii party games on this site. Simply click on the game links above and cast your vote. Leave a comment if you want to add a game review to help others choose a Wii party game.

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